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Baby Ryden's 100 Days Celebration Pics

Big thanks again to everyone for joining us at Ryden's 100 days Celebration!

Here are some pics that we (read: Ryden's grandpa and our friends, Clement and Justin) have taken during the event. =D

Big thanks to Aunt Juan Juan for helping with the setup of this centerpiece

Choo-choo CAKE!

Cute little cupcakes

Some pastries for our guests


Big thanks to Aunt Joey for helping to hang the pics up!

Photographer Grandpa at work

These guys are up to.. something...

Mummies United

Ryden making new friends!

Sleeping... like a boss...

'Birthday' song for Baby Ryden!

Cutting cake..

On auto-pilot mode...

Think better just let Mummy handle...

Ryden thanks all uncles, aunties, gor gors and jie jies for the presents!!!

And here are the 'table shots'.. haha

Hope all of you had a great time like we did!! =)