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The Proposal

Just a brief account of our proposal story, to share our happy moment with everyone visiting our site. =)

Ron: In Sept, I had an idea to make a website to propose to Ying in Hong Kong during our trip there in mid-Oct. As 23 Oct 2010 was our 6th Anniversary, I bought a new laptop for her in late Sept as the anniversary gift, which will be used for my proposal in Hong Kong.

Ron: Since I was travelling to Hong Kong with Ying, I had to ask my parents to bring the laptop to Hong Kong for me. I couldn't wrap the laptop in advance as I was afraid that the Hong Kong Customs would like to check the contents. Fortunately, Derrick helped me make a nice paper bag that I could bring along to Hong Kong in my luggage, and wrap the present nicely when I was there.

Ron: Then we flew to Hong Kong on 8 Oct.

Ron: On 9 Oct, my childhood friends in Hong Kong organised a basketball game so we could have some 'bro-time'. As we had the whole day to ourselves, we managed to carry out the necessary preparations for the proposal, such as getting the ring and ordering the flowers. For the record we really had a great basketball game!!

Ying: I was still wondering why Ron went to play basketball with his childhood friends on the first day we arrived in Hong Kong. Luckily, I had the company of his parents and his friend's family - Uncle Peter, Aunt Bessie and Catherine.

Ron: Yeah, they were all recruited to distract Ying so the guys can carry out the preparations separately.

Ron: After the game, we went to Elements to pick up the proposal ring. I liaised with the shop through phone and email and they were really nice to allow me to reserve 3 different rings and pick one on the day itself. =)

Ron: Me and my basketball mates went to Flower Market to make arrangements for the bouquet to be delivered to the restaurant on Tues, 12 Oct.

Ron: 12 Oct!! I told her that we were heading to the Peak for dinner to celebrate our 6th Anniversary. The ring was hidden in the plastic bag, placed next to the laptop. I was really nervous and had to keep a constant lookout for the bag as the train was really crowded.

Ying: I knew it was Ron's Anniversary gift to me but I was not aware that there is a ring next to it in the paper bag. No wonder he looked so nervous and quiet throughout the trip!!

Ying: I was still happily browsing through the brochure for the Peak, as it was my first visit there.

Ron: ..... (I was too nervous to talk.)

Ron: Maybe it was a good thing that it was crowded as Ying probably thought I was quiet because I was bored by the queueing.

Ron: After a 10-minute ride on the Peak Tram, we arrived at the restaurant, Pearl at the Peak.  I called them a month earlier from Singapore and was really lucky to get a table. They were extremely experienced (since I think there are people proposing there every other night) and helpful when I mentioned that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend in the restaurant.

Ron: The restaurant manager was really thoughtful and he assigned us the best seats in the restaurant, a corner table where both of us could enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Victoria Harbour.

Ying: This was when I got a little suspicious, as it seemed a little odd for them to assign us the best table in the house by chance. Moreover, Ron was exceptionally quiet and he didn't finish his steak!!!!

*The above is a simulated picture of me giving her the laptop*

Ron: This was the part when I gave her the laptop. But since I had already passed the camera to the waitress, no picture was taken. After giving her the laptop, I told her to switch it on and have a try.

Ying: I was suspicious when he asked me to try out the laptop in the restaurant when there may or may not have Wifi. But I just played along...

Ying: Instead of IE, Ron helped me open the Mozilla Firefox and a Google page popped up.

Ron: This is a fake Google site that I prepared. Basically no matter what she would have typed, it would only bring her to my proposal page. =)

Ying: So I typed "Ron" and press "Enter"...

Ying: Surprisingly, a cute and sweet webpage popped up with the title "Will you marry me?". Wow! 

Ron: Tada!!

*The above is a screenshot taken from our proposal video. So do join us on our big day to view the full video! =P*

Ron: The lights were dimmed and the song "Start from here" by Joanna Wang came on. The waitress then brought the bouquet and I took out the ring and proposed to Ying.

Ying: And I said "Yes!". =)

Ying: Ron was finally relieved and could smile and talk as normal again.

Ron: Too bad the steak was already cleared.. =(

A beautiful picture taken on top of the Peak to commemorate another milestone in our journey of love.